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Adult Education

Career Prep Academy of South Florida is a private school that focuses on the social, emotional, pre-vocational, and academic needs of our students.

Our modern learning centers provide an environment where students realize the value of an education and become more productive students, as well as responsible citizens. We proudly offer all students the opportunity to earn a high school diploma.


We only employee teachers with a minimum of a bachelor degree or higher.

Our educational programs are aligned with the educational standards of the Florida Department of Education, and student needs are effectively met with our low teacher-to-student ratio. Students receive educational programs to meet their individual needs and styles of learning. Our smart and caring staff provide a safe and collaborative learning environment that is both nurturing and supervisory. Students and staff interact in a warm and friendly manner in order to foster trust and interpersonal communication skills.

At Career Prep Academy of South Florida students are encouraged to make the transition from adolescence to productive adulthood by developing self-esteem and by raising their own expectations for success in the future. We’re dedicated to preparing students for life after high school. Our Job Readiness Program features an evaluation of students’ personal goals, vocational options, postsecondary programs, and workplace experiences. Career Prep Academy of South Florida graduates have gone on to a variety of education and work opportunities including four-year colleges, community colleges, vocational training programs, and full- and part-time jobs.

Career Prep Academy of South Florida does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, religion, or age in accordance with Section 601. Additionally, our child abuse, abandonment, and neglect policies are in accordance with the State of Florida's K-20 Education Code - also found in Section 601.   

View our Standard of Ethical Conduct.

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