Graduation Requirements:

Students must successfully complete a total of 24 credits and obtain a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.00 and complete their last grading period to obtain a high school diploma at Career Prep Academy of South Florida (either through CPA or through a combination of transferred credits from an accredited institution and CPA credits earned) in the following areas to receive a CPA/NAPS accredited high school diploma and career certificate.


Senior Transfer Deadline: 12th-grade students will not be considered for admissions after April 10, 2021

English (4 credits) 

Social Studies (3 credits)

Math (3 credits)

World Languages (2 credits)

Science (3 credits)

Physical Education (.5 credits)

Health Life Management (.5 credit)

Fine Art (1 credit)

Career Elective Courses (7 credits)

Students can transfer in as many as 18 credits from other accredited institutions and only need to take the courses that they are missing.


Academic Honors Mark: B+

College Recommendation Mark: C

100-97 = A+ = 4.33 96-93 = A = 4.00 92-90 = A- = 3.67

89-87 = B+ = 3.33 86-83 = B = 3.00 82-80 = B- = 2.67

79-77 = C+ = 2.33 76-73 = C = 2.00 72-70 = C- = 1.67

69-67 = D+ = 1.33 66-62 = D = 1.00 62-60 = D- = .67

59 & under = F = 0


Twenty-four credits are required for graduation. A credit consists of a full-year course or two one-semester courses. The following must be included in the student’s curriculum: American Literature, British Literature, World Literature, Biology with Lab, Chemistry with Lab, Physics with Lab, World History, United States History, Government, and Economics. World Languages credits must be in the same language and must be taken at the high school level; lower levels at the Middle School may count as prerequisites but do not count towards graduation. Twenty of the 24 credits required for graduation must be as indicated

to the right.


Student Support:

Our model offers the availability of extensive support with the flexibility of /face to face and online delivery. Students have access to an Academic/Mentor Coach, a State of Florida Certified Instructor, 5 days a week Technical Support and Onsite Educational Facilitators.