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Our Program:

 Students are encouraged to grow in their faith and develop Christ-like Character in their journey of academic excellence, which will prepare them for Achievement in their future studies and careers as they serve as leaders in their communities. 



On-The-Job (OJT)Program:

We offer our cooperative education program with elective classes that permits a student to be released from the high school campus to work part-time in a job. It is truly  “cooperative” because four contractual parties are responsible for the success of  the program and must sign an agreement: the school & teacher/coordinator, employer, parent/guardian, and student. The student must be compensated for work performed while in a cooperative education program.

The benefits of cooperative education programs are: elective high school credit(s), valuable experience in the workplace which gives students a head start on their career, employability skills to be successful, employee training, financial earnings, and flexibility in the school day with release time from campus.

Graduation Requirements:

Students must successfully complete a total of 24 credits and obtain a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.00 and complete their last grading period to obtain a high school diploma at Career Prep Academy of South Florida (either through CPA or through a combination of transferred credits from an accredited institution and CPA credits earned) in the following areas to receive a CPA/NAPS accredited high school diploma and career certificate.


Bible (2 credits)

English (4 credits) 

Social Studies (3 credits)

Math (3 credits)

World Languages (2 credits)


Science (3 credits)

Physical Education (.5 credits)

Health Life Management (.5 credit)

Fine Art (1 credit)

Career Elective Courses (5 credits)


Students can transfer in as many as 18 credits from other accredited institutions and only need to take the courses that they are missing.


Academic Honors Mark: B+

College Recommendation Mark: C

100-97 = A+ = 4.33 96-93 = A = 4.00 92-90 = A- = 3.67

89-87 = B+ = 3.33 86-83 = B = 3.00 82-80 = B- = 2.67

79-77 = C+ = 2.33 76-73 = C = 2.00 72-70 = C- = 1.67

69-67 = D+ = 1.33 66-62 = D = 1.00 62-60 = D- = .67

59 & under = F = 0


Student Support:

Our model offers the availability of extensive support with the flexibility of /face to face and online delivery. Students have access to an Academic/Mentor Coach, a State of Florida Certified Instructor, 5 days a week Technical Support and Onsite Educational Facilitators.

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